Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (USA) and Her Service Dog, Sassy

"Elizabeth Reeve (Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (USA)) and her Service dog Sassy are delighted in sharing the book entitled Sassy: the Many Short Stories of a service dog.  The book is written in a thematic unit and written in Sassy's voice as she would see her activities during certain events she has been able to attend while accompanying Elizabeth when she was Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (America) 2008-2009 and was Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (America) State coordinator (2008-2011).  After each story, there is activities for the children to complete such as decoding, word scramble, counting of the pictures, and much more. This book is sure to enlighten the minds of the young child, while being able to use it with the oldest Elementary aged children.

Elizabeth Reeve is currently the Ms. Wheelchair Oklahoma (USA) 2011 titleholder. She is the daughter of Roy L. Hall and Linda L. Hall, both from Nowata, Oklahoma.  Elizabeth grew up as a military dependent. She is certified in Elementary 1-8, Special Education 1-12, and English as a Second Language 1-12 in Texas.  She is licensed here in Oklahoma in Special  Education, English as a second language, and Elementary 1-8.  She has a BA in History, Bachelors of Business Administration with emphasis in Information systems, Post-Baccalurate in Education, and currently working on her Masters degree in Special education.  Her hopes are to obtain a doctorate degree and become a professor.  While teaching special education, she happened to have an accident which caused her to use the wheelchair.  She soon found out that she had spina bifioda occulta, degenerative disc disease, MS, and a spinal cord injury.  Despite needing to use a wheelchair, she has been able to help advocate, achieve, and educate the public on the use of service dogs, the types of training for service dogs (either owner trained or program trained), and what the Americans with Disabilities says about service dogs.  She is pleased to be able to come to Nowata, and share her book with us.

Sassy is a mobility dog. Among her many duties as a service dog is helping Elizabeth transfer between seats, retrieving items, watching for signs of asthma and diabetes, and alerting Elizabeth when someone is behind her.  Sassy was trained by Elizabeth for her special challenges.  Elizabeth is proud to state that she and Sassy are a team that works to help with every days duties.

If you would be interested in purchasing Elizabeth's books ADA and You: Service Dogs  or Sassy: the Many Short Stories of a service dog you can go to http://www.mswheelchairoklahoma.org/published-books.html . Click on the book that you are interested in buying. You will be taken to where you can purchase a copy of the book. The books cost  $16.50 for ADA and You: Serivce Dogs and  $14.45 for Sassy: the Many Short Stories of a Service dog $16.50"

Hope to see you at the festival!!

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